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A - Adult Mesh Printed Hats
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A - Youth Mesh Hats
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  Item # Description Price Unit
OC1a 1 ma Neon Orange Hunting Blank Cap.* * (As Low As 99 each) * *
**SPECIAL PRICE*** 6 panel neon orange hunting cap, minimum 1 case(12 dozen) ***WERE $6.00 each($864.00/case), ***NOW 99 each($142.56/case)
142.56 per case of 144 caps
F335 1 ma oMilitary Army. * * * (As Low As $2.00 each) * * *
***SPECIAL PRICE*** 3' X 5' Polyester flag, Army(licensed) minimum 1 piece, ***WERE $4.50 each, NOW $3.50 Each..... 25 pieces and up - $2.00 each.
* 3.50 each
TODDLER TEES LOT 1) A Printed Toddler Tees Lot
**SPECIAL PRICE*** 12 dozen, assorted sizes, toddler tees printed with various designs, white and ash shirts. ***Were $30.00/doz($2.50 each)***NOW $24.00/doz($2.00 each). 12 dozen lot minimum - $288.00 for 12 doz($2.00 per shirt).
288.00 per lot of 12 dozen
FS009 1) Fidget Spinners Out of Stock
***AS IS***SPECIAL PRICE*** Fidget spinners, plain color, minimum 1 dozen, ***WERE $2.50 each, ***NOW $6.00/doz($.50 each).***SPECIAL BLOWOUT PRICE***AS IS***
6.00 dozen
J-MakeAmericaGreat11 1) Make America Great Again Mesh Caps - Light Blue
Light blue mesh back hats printed with "Make America Great Again", minimum 1 dozen, $30.00/doz($2.50 each).
30.00 dozen
Army Bundle 1) Military Items Group
Bundled Army items - bundle consists of 1 patch, 1 keychain, 1 decal and 1 lanyard, minimum 1 bundle. $3.75 per bundle of 4 items. 3 bundles and up, $3.25 per bundle.
* 3.75 bundle of 4 items
MKC102 SPECIAL 3) Masonic Keychains
***ONLY 3 DOZEN LEFT******SPECIAL OFFER*** BUY 2 DOZEN KEYCHAINS, GET THE 3rd DOZEN FREE*** Metal Masonic "spinner" keychains, individually boxed, minimum 2 dozen, ***REG $72.00 for 3 dozen($24.00/dz), ***NOW $48.00 for 3 dozen***
48.00 per 2 dozen plus 1 dozen FREE
Youth Sweats Lot1 Assorted Blank Youth Sweatshirts
ONLY 2 LOTS LEFT***SPECIAL LOT PRICE*** Assorted youth sweatshirts - sizes 4, 5/6, and 14/16 in white - and sizes 2, 4 and 5/6 in blue, as well as smaller sizes, mixed. Lot is 144 pieces for $468.00($3.25 each), plus shipping and handling.
468.00 per lot of 144 pieces
Youth Tees Lot1 Assorted Blank Youth T-Shirts
ONLY 2 LOTS LEFT***SPECIAL LOT PRICE*** Assorted youth t-shirts - size 2 white, size 2 ash gray and size 4 ash gray. Lot is 288 pieces, $288.00 per lot($1.00 each), plus shipping and handling.
288.00 per lot of 288 pieces
B003 Blank Mesh Hats
Blank mesh hats, solid royal blue, minimum 1 dozen. Trucker caps. $15.00/doz
15.00 dozen
B005 Blank Mesh Hats
Blank mesh hats, solid white, minimum 1 dozen. Trucker caps. $24.00/doz.
24.00 dozen
B007 Blank Mesh Hats
Blank mesh hats, solid kelly green, minimum 1 dozen. Trucker caps. $15.00/ dozen.
15.00 dozen
B011 Blank Mesh Hats
Blank mesh hats, solid columbia blue, minimum 1 dozen. Trucker caps. $15.00/doz.
15.00 dozen
B012 Blank Mesh Hats
Blank mesh hats, solid maroon, minimum 1 dozen. Trucker caps. $18.00/doz
18.00 dozen
ECAP056b I Love Jesus Embroidered Twill Cap
***SPECIAL HALF PRICE*** Embroidered twill cap, "I Love Jesus", minimum 1 dozen, ***WERE $48.00 per dozen ($4.00 each). ***NOW $24.00 per dozen($2.00 each).
24.00 dozen
Knit Cap Sharks Knit Cap
***SPECIAL PRICE***ONLY 1 PIECE LEFT*** Knit cap, NHL San Jose Sharks, black cap. ***WAS $6.75...NOW $3.00***
3.00 each
TOTE Marines7 Military Tote Bag
***AS IS***SPECIAL PRICE***ONLY 1 PIECE LEFT*** 6"x14"x16" Marines 4 side printed tote bag, slightly damaged printing, as shown ***WAS $7.00...NOW $2.50***AS IS***
2.50 each
GOLF 427 Toys
***AS IS*** BUY 1 DOZ., GET 1 DOZ. FREE*** 21" Golf set, 1 dozen minimum - pay $10.80 for 1 dozen, get the second dozen FREE(45 per set) ***AS IS***
10.80 per 2 dozen

18 items found: Page [ 1 ] There will be 20%(or less) shipping and handling (UPS ground) charges for the Continental United States; No C.O.D. orders; for Alaska, Hawaii + Canada please call for freight. (For 3 Day Select Shipping - Call For Amount).Due to circumstance beyond our control, all prices, colors, photos, packaging and minimum quantities are subject to change without notice.